How to fix broken makeup

Despite if you buy your makeup at the drugstore, or at an expensive department store, one this is for certain. In between structure, eye shadow, blush, mascara, eyebrow products, highlighter, bronzer (are we forgetting anything?), there’s a little fortune-worth of product in a lot of makeup bags.

So when among your favored products slips through your fingers, accidents onto the washroom floor, and also shatters into a million pieces, it’s really heartbreaking. We’re not even being significant below.

How Do I Fix Broken Powders?

You were cleaning on your preferred powder as well as it went from pressed to loosened. Fix for busted powders and also it involves a small amount of rubbing alcohol. The complying with actions:

  1. Beginning initially by separating your busted item into a finer powder so it’s much easier to bind together.
  2. Include a percentage of 91 percent isopropyl massaging alcohol (just a couple of decreases relying on the dimension of the item).
  3. Mix the powder as well as alcohol with each other.
  4. Location a paper towel over the top of the item as well as push down securely with the palm of your hand.
  5. Remove the paper towel and permit powder to dry before using it again.

Below’s what you’ll need:

  • Small dish
  • Spoon
  • Water
  • Original container or one more container with a cover
  • Paper towel


  1. Place the powder in a dish.
    Makeup artist as well as charm specialist placing all the powder right into a tiny bowl. If needed, scuff off any type of unwanted from the product packaging. Every little is gold.
  2. Squash the powder.
    Points may require to obtain a little even worse before they improve, so stick with it. As soon as you’ve placed all the powder right into a dish, utilizing the level side of one more smooth or a spoon, level tool to crush the staying chunks of powder till they are great, equally sized granules.
  3. Add water to the packaging.
    Next, Patinkin advises adding a couple of decreases of water to the bottom of the compact. Make certain to area out the water drops. (Note: If the original compact or product packaging endured some damage, also, you can use a various container with a lid for your makeup’s brand-new house rather.).
  4. Place the powder back.
    Patinkin states, meticulously relocate the crushed powder back into its initial (or new) container.
  5. Press it real excellent.

Right here’s where the magic happens. Location a paper towel over the top of the powder as well as apply quite a bit of pressure to portable all the granules together. Clean up around the sides, as well as you’re good to go.

How to fix cracked makeup
How to fix cracked makeup

You can leave your crushed product as a powder and also utilize it. This, dampening a makeup sponge or makeup brush before delicately tapping powder onto your cheeks and face. The little bit of wetness in either tool will both assist to offer you a fresh look and to eliminate item fall-off.

You can additionally turn your precious compact of face powder right into a loose powder merely by clearing your damaged powder into a Ziploc bag and using the rear of a spoon to squash the damaged pieces into the finest powder possible, Then vacant the components of the bag right into a little filter as well as, utilizing a spoon, stir the materials of the broken powder till all of it falls from the filter into a tidy container – you now have a completely great loosened powder.

It’s crucial to note that this method works best with foundation powders. You’ll generally intend to be extra precise with bronzer and flush, so you may want to attempt the alcohol or rosewater method rather to bring it back to its initial form.

Fixing a Broken Lipstick

The problem: Your lipstick has actually gone kaput. Fortunately: There are 2 leading ways to rehab your favored color.

The initial method includes holding a lighter under the damaged piece of lipstick to permit it to soften. Do not hold the lighter as well close or the lipstick will start to melt.You can attempt this same method with a hairdryer, once again bewaring not to overheat.

How to fix broken makeup lipstick
How to fix broken makeup lipstick

If the base piece (aka the part still connected) is bigger, then you can also hold the lighter to the top of that item, Hatcher claims. After regarding eight to 10 seconds of warmth, take the item of damaged lipstick and also location it on top of the base, gently pushing down. Let your handiwork collection for a couple of mins and after that tidy up any type of harsh sides with a cells.

Tips for Traveling with Makeup

When it’s audio and also risk-free in your washroom let alone when you’re taking a trip, keeping makeup in one item can be tough sufficient.

It all begins with the type of bag you choose. That while hard cases are a terrific choice for keeping makeup extra safe, they can use up a great deal of room. If you are trying to maintain your carry-on concise, then you may wish to purchase a little makeup bag that is made from fabric or another versatile material that can quickly move right into a suitcase. Utilizing a smaller bag that fits the essentials, and doesn’t allow for a great deal of wiggle area, will certainly lessen opportunities for damage.

You might also want to consider wrapping your preferred items in a clean cloth for additional pillow.
When Should I Just Toss Broken Makeup?

She is the self-proclaimed queen of using makeup “until it’s hanging on to its last life, there comes a time where it’s time to bid farewell to even your most beloved makeup products when they break.
If you broke a glass structure container, do not try and also utilize it because there could be little glass fragments that you can not see, including that this could lead to micro-tears in the skin.

And also, if you assume your broken makeup might have been past its expiration date anyway, well, after that consider it a sign from the universe. Quick pointer: If the product has altered colors or smells a little unusual, you ought to absolutely throw it. This could be a sign that there’s life in your makeup and you don’t intend to make this a scientific research job.

You were dusting on your favored powder and also it went from pressed to, well, loose. Fix for broken powders and it includes a tiny quantity of scrubing alcohol. Makeup artist and also appeal expert putting all the powder into a small dish. Location a paper towel over the top of the powder as well as apply rather a little bit of pressure to portable all the granules with each other. You can leave your crushed product as a powder as well as use it.